• The Nomads

We're back!!

No, we haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth, and yes, we know our blog is WAY out-of-date. We do want to get everybody caught up with our travels, and we hereby commit to posting on a more frequent basis. Below is just a quick recap of what we’ve been doing before arriving here in Playa Del Carmen Mexico on September 28 last month. We’ll get into much more detail in future posts.

We left off in San Felipe, Baja California way back in the end of November 2018. Since then we’ve thoroughly explored both Baja California in the north, and Baja Sur in the south. We then wandered over to Sonora MX before reentering the U.S. in Arizona. We eventually made our way slowly back to Oregon, then traveled north to Canada and Alaska. After a couple months there we came back to Oregon to spend almost 2 months making some needed repairs and updates on our rig. We finally headed south again, crossing with friends into mainland Mexico late October 2019. Since then we did a good job of exploring much of Mexico, right up until Covid-19 brought our travels to a screeching halt near Oaxaca City. As things finally began to open back up we headed east until the land ended in the Caribbean Sea. In the month we’ve been here we’ve experienced Tropical Storm Gamma, and Hurricanes Delta and Zeta, all landing on or just a few miles away from Playa Del Carmen, and the hurricane season doesn’t officially stop until the end of November.

We plan to be here in Playa through the end of the year. Stay tuned as we work to fill in all the details about how we came to be here, complete with all the troubles, fun stories and photos. Be sure to check out our map page to see our route. You can find the link at the top of our page.

Buen viaje!