• Mr. Nomad

"hello, world"

"hello, world". Thus begins almost every computer programming class, with students writing their first computer program and then seeing the result of their not-so-hard work on their screen.

In the case of this blog post, however, I just want to give a quick "hello, blog followers" shoutout to all our new readers that have been so patiently waiting for us to actually write something or post a few pictures. As many of you know we've been extremely busy with getting our retirements from work taken care of, getting our house ready to list for sale, and getting our rig ready for long-term travel. Then, to make things even more hectic, we scheduled a three-week trip to start just two days after our final day of work! Madness!

We promise we'll post more, including many, many more pictures of our travels in the very near future. Mrs. Nomad wrote a post during our recent trip and I only need to get the pictures added to it so I can publish it here.

Stay tuned, there's much more to come, but here's just one example of some of the many boondock camping spots we experienced on our recent trip. This was a few miles off the Chief Joseph Hwy between Yellowstone N.P. and Cody WY, at 7648' (2331m) in the Shoshone National Forest.