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Upgraded Parking For Stamper

Before Stamper (aka The Rig) joined our family we owned a very unique camper trailer, a BushRanger 200 sold in the U.S. by Kakadu Camping in British Columbia Canada. The tent portion of the camper is made in Australia then imported and installed on a trailer. We credit our ownership of our BushRanger with sparking our long-lost passion for camping and four-wheel travel. If a small trailer fits your adventure plans we highly recommend checking our the BushRanger line of camper trailers.

Living in suburbia we needed somewhere to park our BushRanger so in early 2016 I removed a couple of shrubs beside our driveway and constructed a gravel parking place with a few concrete steps for the tongue landing gear to sit on. It was an easy and inexpensive project that only took me a few weeks to build.

Old Parking Construction
Old Parking
Our BushRanger 200 Camper Trailer

As you might expect, Stamper weighs quite a bit more than our BushRanger trailer, and it quickly began to tear up the gravel and sink as I turned the front tires while parking. We'd need something new that could handle the weight, as well as look nice. In other words, not a patch of concrete. As you can see in photos above our driveway was already bordered with some nice pavers we'd had installed years ago. We decided the solution was to continue the pavers over the entire parking spot. The old pavers were removed as unfortunately they were no longer available, and new ones were installed. Our installer did a great job, and Stamper has a nice place to rest his tires when he's not on the road. Here's the finished product.

New Parking